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 Malta League of Arts: Mission

The Malta League of Arts has been created to provide, encourage, and support the diverse cultural resources within our community.  The Malta League is dedicated to the principal and fundamental importance of artistic and cultural expression in all forms. Thus, through nurturing and encouragement of all artists we seek to enrich our community and its citizens.

We are guided by our commitment to serve our three constituencies: artists, arts and cultural organizations and the public. Our mission places the artistic endeavors of artists at the core of our goals. As a League of Arts we are committed to promoting and recognizing the highest level of aesthetic achievement in all mediums.

The Malta League will provide artists with opportunities for artistic development and public presentation of their work. Additionally, we will support the creation, presentation and dissemination of their work, therefore serving as an advocate on artist’s issues. The Malta League seeks to become a conduit connecting cultural community organizations, small and large, new and established, to achieve their artistic, programmatic, educational, community, and organizational goals.

As the Malta League of Arts we are reaching out to our community, to encompass all artistic and cultural opportunities. Through this mission we will strive to provide our community with the foundation to develop and grow intellectually and culturally


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